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Williams Tools: our heritage, your future

In 1882, James Harvey Williams and Matthew Diamond founded Williams & Diamond in Flushing, Queens, which was a drop forging business. The business was relocated to Brooklyn in 1884 and took the name J.H. Williams & Co in 1887. The company was one of the first to offer mass-produced drop-forged hand tools J. H. Williams Tool Group was acquired by Snap-on in 1993 and it was officially renamed Williams, as part of the group of Snap-on Industrial Brands companies that include Williams, Bahco, and CDI Torque Brands in 2011. Flex Head ratchet, adjustable wrenches, hard handled screwdrivers and ratcheting screwdriver, are just a few of the tools manufactured under the Williams name.



Bahco Tools: work smarter – faster – better

Bahco a Swedish company part of Snap-on Incorporated is the originator of the adjustable wrench, ergonomics, and cutting tools. They perfected the high performance saw blades in 1886.

By 1888 they secured the first patent for what they called ‘The Iron Hand’ - now known simply as the pipe wrench. Johansson’s the founder’s idea was to replace fixed spanners with a single tool that, just like a human hand, was capable of gripping different size nuts and bolts. Following that was the very first adjustable spanner in 1891. This formed the basis for the adjustable wrench. Throughout the years they have amassed no less than 118 patents, that include ratcheting, construction, offset structural, Box wrenches, hammer wrenches, pin, hook and spanner wrenches. The company is dedication to innovative product design still prevails today.

Bahco remains the premium hand tool brand today. In 2011 they celebrate the 125th anniversary of Bahco's famous ‘Fish and Hook’ trademark. Which is representative of the wide array of the saw selection, they manufacture the Laplander folding saw, Japanese Style Pull saw, Prize cut toolbox saw, Pro cut toolbox handsaw, General purpose saw, superior Laminator saw, miter saw, backsaw, dovetail handsaw, veneer saw, compass saw and the dry wall saw. Included also in the mix of saws is the insulation saw, timber saw, polystyrene, form handled saw, plaster saw, Stradivarius musical saw, coping saw, bow saws, hack saw, as well as the associated saw blades.



CDI Torque Products: torque without compromise

CDI founded in 1968 Manufacturers and sells more torque products than anyone in the world. They pioneered the development of the professional-grade Electronic and Mechanical torque tools offering a wide variety of precision electronics, mechanical torque instruments, force/tension calibration systems, torque wrenches, torque drivers, torque testers and torque calibration equipment, names you may recognize like Torky, Multitorq and Computorq are all part of the CDI family. CDI will surely have the tool for the job. ISO 9001 International Quality System Certification in 1998 abiding by the most exacting standards. Today, the CDI Brand is now part of Snap-on Specialty Tools, a member of the Snap-on incorporated family of companies.



The 3rd highest cause of death in the workplace is from dropped objects. Fall protection for humans is vital to individual safety. Fall protection is about you. Drop prevention is about everybody else.

Fall protection has been regulated for decades. We know how to prevent people from falling. What about the tools? Dropped objects can result in huge property damages, lost tools or, worse yet, injury or death.

Tools @ Height is an Engineered, Tested and Certified Drop Prevention System developed by Snap-on Industrial Brands in conjunction with Python Safety.

Snap-on has engineered, tested and certified a system of more than 1,000 products to maintain or enhance functionality of tools when used at height utilizing various tethering methods creating the industry’s most comprehensive drop prevention system available. These products include Square drive tool accessories with 4 side lock holes, wrenches with safety coils, screwdriver tabs that allow 360° tool rotation, pipe wrenches with the tangs pinned so that the jaw cannot become separate from the handle.

It is Python Safety’s mission to prevent dropped tools and equipment. They make work environments safer and more productive by eliminating incidents resulting in personal injury, equipment damage, and tool loss. To accomplish these goals, they engineer high quality products that are third-party tested in the harshest possible conditions.

Python Safety believes that the best products are based on innovation and user research, and that as a safety company they must leave nothing to chance. That’s why every new product at Python Safety must be developed with a user-driven approach validated by an industry customer advisory council.

No other drop prevention company pours as much time and effort into making sure the final product is perfect. When you use a Python Safety product, you can be completely confident in its reliability… and you. Attachment Points, Pouches, Spill Control Buckets, Tool Belts, Tool Holsters, Tool Lanyards, Tethers and Wristbands are the main drop prevention devices.