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Storing Tools@Height


Cut down on going up and down for new tools. Keep the tools you need to get the job done at arm’s reach with these Python Safe Buckets. 3rd party load rated they are safe to attach with their heavy duty carabiner. The Draw string and the bucket insert are surely to keep your items dry and organized.

Sewn into the bottom of every Safe Bucket is hard composite plating that protects the bucket from accidental punctures. A protective leather sleeve covers the inserts that is resilient to the elements and harsh work conditions.

Rather than using rope which is susceptible to fraying, a heavy duty hoisting/ shoulder strap is built into every safe bucket. Each bucket is also equipped with a high quality and light weight aluminum twist lock carabiner load rated for 6,700 lbs! There is no need to worry about a knot failing.

At 15 inches tall and a 12.5 inch diameter it has plenty of room for your tools.

Safe Buckets:


Check out the Tools@Height offering in the catalog here:

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